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Abdul M. Omari


About Abdul

Dr. Abdul M. Omari holds a B.A. in global studies, a master’s of public policy, and a PhD in comparative and international development education from the University of Minnesota.

Abdul's research is focused on the perceptions of mentoring and the role of Cultural Intelligence within mentoring relationships. For several years, he has taught leadership courses for undergraduate students. Abdul is the founder of AMO Enterprise, which helps people better connect in individual and team settings through leadership seminars and keynotes.

Abdul is devoted to civic and public service. He served six years as an elected member of the Board of Regents at the University of Minnesota, serves on the Board of Directors for the YMCA Greater Twin Cities, AchieveMpls, Travel/Impact/Growth, and Civic Eagle. Abdul has been featured in Minnesota Business Magazine's "Young Entrepreneurs". In 2019, he was selected as one of ten people from the Twin Cities to participate in the Young American Leaders Program at Harvard Business School. Omari is a proud native of Minneapolis, Minnesota with immigrant parents from Kenya and Jordan and is a sucker for a good TV show and an avid sports fan.


Selection of Current & Past Clients

Selection of Current & Past Clients

Target corporation

University of Michigan


Minnesota private college Fund

best buy

St. Cloud Public Schools

United health group

city of minneapolis

University of st. thomas

Commonbond communities

Piper jaffray & co.

Normandale community college

Carval investors

university of south florida

Interfaith Outreach & community partners 

Wayzata public schools

Washington county, minnesota




The "YOU" in Leadership

The journey of leadership begins with YOU. The “you” in Leadership seminars and keynotes provide opportunities for individuals to question and discover how personal characteristics and experiences play out in leadership approaches and interactions when working in groups and teams. 

The “you” in Leadership seminars and keynotes cover a wide variety of leadership topics that impact leaders and individual contributors by examining concrete ways in which people can utilize Cultural Intelligence to enhance relationships. While we use a leadership framework, participants’ roles and titles range across organizations. The seminars and keynotes are highly interactive and provide a high energy and thoughtful environment.

Exploring Your Leadership Model

Would You Follow You?

Let's Interact: Groups & Teams


additional seminars

Bias training is in high-demand for AMO Enterprise and the nation. As such, we have developed targeted training for participants to explore, understand, and acknowledge their biases. Based on Howard Ross' popular research, we know that the goal is not to rid ourselves of biases; but rather, to neutralizepivot, and run towards our biases to shift our responses in situations where biases exist. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a great complement to biases. CQ is used to help participants better connect with others as well as a way to combat bias. Cultural Intelligence also explores the importance of mindfulness in our day-to-day interactions, particularly when developing and fostering relationships. 

Recognizing & responding to bias

understanding & using cultural intelligence



Dr. Omari’s research underscores the importance of intentionality in mentoring. Based on his research, Abdul helps organizations design new or redesign existing mentoring programs from a mentee-centered approach and provides training for mentors. Programmatically, organizations that practice mentoring need to have well-defined approaches, expectations, and phases of mentoring relationships. 

Formal mentoring

Informal mentoring

School-based mentoring

Community-based mentoring

Mentoring across differences

Mentoring in the workplace

Techniques & approaches used in mentoring relationships

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